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This plan happened in December 30. We met each other at 7 AM near Sarband Square. After having a little snack and when everyone gathered we started our way to Abashar café. After 45 minutes walking we stopped at Pas-Qale village and Ali Shadloo explained about this geographical district and Pas-Qale village. After that Reyhane Rajabi completed Shadloo's speech and described about statue of Sarband square which was made 48 years ago. Arash Nikoo talked about basic principles of mountaineering.


After getting familiar with this location we continued to Abashar café and arrived there at 10. After one hour resting and having breakfast we took photos with campaign poster. At 11 we started coming back. All the way we were gathering the trash with gloves. It was really interesting because people who was not a member of "My Heart, My Heritage" campaign was interested and joined us voluntary. We had launch in a restaurant in our way, we climbed down, took the last picture and the plan finished

So we could clean all the area from square to café.  We wish people learn how to protect the environment, be responsible and take care of it for themselves and their next generation.



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