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Day one: We leave Tehran toward Garmsar, we have breakfast on the way in a restaurant and then continue our way to Semnan and Damghan. We have launch which is a traditional delicious food named Tahchin Garmsari. After that we continue our way to Jandagh and then Mesr village. You will get surprised with this village as you see it built in the middle of a desert but has wide and clean streets with palm trees on the both sides. But a bigger surprise comes at night when you look at the sky and see a million stars on it, be sure you will never forget this vision. After another delicious food you will stay in a beautiful local house to relax and sleep.

Day two: After having breakfast, we drive to Mesr desert and go to Takhte Soleyman, Takhte Abbasi and Takhte Aroos. For launch we return to the local house. After relaxing and launch we drive to Sangab which is a special natural phenomenon. We stay there till sunset time so you will capture memorable photos in desert and then we return to local house for dinner and sleep.

Day three: Next morning we leave after breakfast we leave toward Jandagh and Rig Jen. Our plan is to have a very interesting safari. We have our launch in desert then we go back to the local house.

Day four: We leave the local house toward Bayazieh we have our launch in a very beautiful hotel and after that we go to Rig Tashran we have some safari plans. we have dinner in desert and enjoy camping for sleeping at nig

Day five: We leave desert after breakfast, we go to hotel in our way and have launch. We continue our way to Tehran

Note: this tour is flexible; we can continue to Kharanagh, Yazd and Rige Zarin and then come back to Tehran. In this way the tour will extend two more days


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