آوای ارسباران
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ONE Tehran- Qeshm flight HOTEL we visit the ancient Portuguese castle, traditional bazaar and historical mosques then we have launch in a restaurant and then we go to visit a nearby village and tasting delicious sea food with local families for dinner
TWO Qeshm Tour HOTEL There is a wonderful geo park in a valley near Qeshm, named Chah kooh. Today we visit this place and then we go to Namakdan salty dome, and we visit a salty cave with breathtaking crystals and icicles. Our next destination would be Valley of Stars, a place with beautiful coral-covered mountains and untouched nature; you can take nice pictures and relax in this calm land
THREE Qeshm Tour  HOTEL we head to the north of the island to visit the unique mangrove forest. For getting in touch to the forests we get into the boats and they take us there, if we were lucky we can watch some unique species of birds. During this time your local guide will explain everything about jungles and environment you see around. We go back to hotel and after having launch and a little resting we go to bazaar
FOUR Hengam Island HOTEL Have you ever heard the story of Portuguese shipwrecks? We transfer to the port and then we go to the mesmerizing Hengam Island. You will see many interesting and wonderful things like; Portuguese shipwrecks, and aquatic animals such as turtles, dolphins, corals and even sharks after enjoying these outstanding place in the middle of the ocean we go back to hotel for sleep
 Qeshm - Tehran    we have optional plan for scuba diving and then we go airport for flying back to Tehran




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