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"My Heart, My Heritage" campaign started its way since June 2015 with the aim of protecting the heritage. Spreading the culture of history and nature's preservation and leading a universal effort for creating bright future for ourselves and also our future generation are the reasons we created this campaign.

This movement is social NGO and a nongovernmental organization which certainly needs cooperation of other organizations and people who care about their heritage destiny.

"My Heart, My Heritage" campaign's first responsibility is to protect and conserve Great Iran's heritage, but in the landscape of our view protecting and preserving the heritage of the earth is considered. We hope one day we have the joy and power to expand our activities beyond the boundaries and do our best for revival and maintain the world's heritage

Now, "My Heart, My heritage" campaign is working basically under license and protection of Arasbaran Educational and Tour Company with the slogan "My Heart Beats for my Heritage, How About You?". Other organizations like Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry's Sustainable Tourism office, Department of Environment's Public Participations office, Cultural Heritage Organization, Nature and Culture Club activities beyond the boundaries her organizations and people who care about their heritage  and IFTGA are supporting the campaign in different parts.



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