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Our children are our next generation, children who need nature and culture of their country. Their next generation needs this heritage too. Educating todays' generation would be a respond to the next generation's demand.

In this case, training the special tour guides for children is necessary because they should never be under mistreatment. When a child learns something for the first time, he will remember it forever. So it's really important for them to be thought properly for the first time.

The presence of an expert guide, traveler and specially a person who is professional in treating with children is necessary. Tour guide is facilitator in this case who helps children and their parents to enjoy more.

Now, there are no trained and educated tour guides who are experienced in children tours as we felt the lack of these guides, we decided to design a special children tour guiding course under license of ICHTO to educate and train professional guides who helps us to grow wise and knowledgeable children.

This course has 39 theoretical and practical lessons related to children and planning a tour for them. Participants of this course learn how to plan a tour exactly like eco and cultural tour guides they learn to maximize people's enjoyment, both children and their parents.   


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