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as Iran is located in Middle East, this country has different climates, for example, in summer the wather is pleasant in western cities like Ardebil. On the other hands, there are some mineral springs in a city which located at west and scientists say it has some magical values for the human body.

If you know a little about Iran's climate you would know in summer the weather is hot in Iran like many other countries. So the best destinations would be the ones with cool weather and contains beaches or wetlands like springs. These factors would be easily find on the West cities of Iran like; Tabriz, Urmia or Ardebil.

Ardabil is one of Iran's smallest provinces and which is located about 70 Kilometers far away from Caspian See and is neighboring on the Republic of Azerbaijan and east of mount Sabalan. The cities of this province are famous because of the silk and Persian carpet.  In addition, one of the world heritage sites is located in Ardabil: the tomb of Sheikh Safi-adin who was the eponymous of Safavid dynasti in Iran's history.

Beside all of the cultural and historical attractions, this province has natural and environmental beauties. Here we want to talk about beautiful and relaxing hot springs in Sarein.

Sarein is 28 Kilometers from Ardebil and is famous because of its mineral and hot springs. These springs are near an inactive volcano named Mount Sabalan, that’s the reason why the water of these springs contains sulphur and scientists say it's good for bones and joint pain and has therapeutic values.

In fact, this is why many people travel to this district and use the facilities provided for spa and relaxing in the springs.

Now lets see how can we get there

For traveling to this district from Tehran, we will meet at the Vanak Square at 10 pm, we head to Ardabil.

Day one:  We arrive there in the morning and after having breakfast we go for visiting Sheykh Sfi-Adin complex. Then we go to Sarein and check in for our rooms in the hotel.  After launch you have free time.

Day Two: After having breakfast you go for relaxing and using spa facilities and stay night at you hotel. (There is an optional half day tour available for shopping and visiting Shourabil lake in this day which is located in Ardebil city)

Day Three: We have breakfast and packing our bags we head to Heyran village which is a very famous tourism destination due to its beautiful scenery. We have time to walk through Heyran Gondola lift above the village and after launch we get back to Tehran.

Arasbaran is trying to show natural beauties of Iran to the world. We hope you enjoy your trip and this tour lead you to visit another natural and cultural destinations in your travel to Iran.

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