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If we continue using environmental resources, next generation will get nothing! This is important to know how stop this and try to establish sustainability. Eco Island is a new consept which going to help tourism escaping of this issue.

As humans are using the globe natural energies and resources cruelly, soon we would be face lack of these energies and resources, and this is the beginning of a huge disaster.

After industrial revolution and over producing of carbon which led to the environmental pollution the alarm turned on for the globe. For solving this problem, scientists tried to create environmental committees, organizations and institutions and run activities in order to improve the global conditions.

After industrial revolution and development happened in transportation industry, travelling became more common and obviously caused more polluted environment. Some environment lovers tried to stop and limit tourism and travels to stop this pollution. At the other hand, there were some other thoughtful people who tried to find better solutions for conservation beside travels and tourism.

One of these solutions is changing islands to "Eco Island". But what is it exactly?

See shores are vulnerable kind in environmental locations. Eco Island is a concept in sustainable development and has six properties:

  • Monolith ecosystem structure
  • Powerful supportive and secure environmental system
  • Using natural resources in sustainable way
  • Successful and sustainable economic for locals
  • Eco lodging

Generally, the focus is on locals' economy and income beside ecological issues. That's because in massive tourism, tourists are moving in large groups in different districts this is exactly what causes environmental destroys and there is no benefit for locals.

In addition to all, these planning's should be monolith and managed. But the important and undeniable issue in every developing action is "education". The primarily action would be educating local people and familiarize them with the changes and plans. They should be educated about all the concerns and also the solutions and how they work. This is the most important part of making a change because without locals' cooperation we cannot move forward.

Creating an eco island is a main project in many countries around the world. When other countries see the results, they try to see if it works in their own island because they have potentials and worthy islands. The best example in Iran is Qeshm Island which is going to be the first official eco island in this country with cooperation of The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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