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Travelling to any country needs visa, time and money? yes there are important factors but the most important thing is knowing suitable time for every country. Iran is located in Middle East and has different climates.

Iran is a great country located in Middle East. Every year many people travel to Iran because of its ancient culture and history. The other reason of traveling to this country is its natural beauties. Travelers can experience spending time on seaside, climbing mountains like mount Damavand, visit mysterious sky of desert, enjoying fresh weather of jungles and have adventurous activities like surfing, safari, paragliding, canyoning or many others.

Having these activities all in a country shows the various climates in every season. We can say Iran is one of the only countries which has all four seasons completely.

Now let's see what time is the best for traveling to Iran?

Like many other countries, spring has the most pleasant, fresh weather and normally rainy. Summer is warm and hot with continuous sun shine and humidity especially in south. Fall is windy a little cold, sometimes rainy but has pleasant weather especially in the morning. Winter is very cold and snowy especially in the west.

So as it’s obvious, spring and fall would be the best time for travelling to Iran. But if you are going to plan for your trip, note that because of high season time the hotel and planes would be full booked or be available with high prices. Many tourists come to Iran in these seasons and we can say peak time of the high season is April and May (Ordibehesht in Iran) in this time the classic route which contains the most famous destenations is going to be chosen by tourists.

But if you are an easy traveler and don't mind hot weather you can enjoy the west of Iran and cities like Tabriz, Urmia or Zanjan or you can go for canyoning in Reghez and enjoy adventure and excitment in summer. In winter, you can travel to south where the weather is pleasant and there are many beautiful islands like Kish, Hormoz, Gheshm and Hengam. You can do snorkeling or diving in Persian Gulf or enjoy swimming in it. You can even go skiing and speedriding in some mountains and there are skiing sites like: Tochal, Shemshak and Dizin.

So Iran is ready to host you everytime and every season. You just need a plan and choose your destination. Arasbaran Tour and Travel agency is ready to help for any request and plan for all kinds of trips in high season and low season we try to make you enjoy your time.

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